The Alberta Energy Policy Simulator (EPS) is a free and open-source computer model created by the Pembina Institute. It is adapted from software originally created by Energy Innovation LLC.

Model Download

The Alberta Energy Policy Simulator may be used on this website through your web browser, or the full version may be downloaded to your computer by clicking the button below. Note that you will need to go through the steps explained on the EPS download page in order to install the required software and make use of the full version of the model.

Download the Energy Policy Simulator, Alberta Version

Reference Scenarios

Three reference scenarios are included with the simulator. The “Pre-2016 Business-as-usual” scenario is primarily based on data from early 2016, generally before any policies from the Alberta Climate Leadership Plan (CLP) or the Pan-Canadian Framework policies were implemented. This was done so that the model can be used to estimate the effect of recent energy and climate policies. Therefore, the “Pre-2016 Business-as-usual” scenario includes policies that were on the books in early 2016.

The “Current policy” scenario represents the emissions trajectory expected when including enacted policies as of February 2019. For example, this includes the phase-out of coal for electricity generation by 2029, development of renewable energy to meet the target of 30% of generation by 2030, and carbon pricing according to the provincial scheme and federal backstop in 2021 and 2022, among others. The “Example: Further Alberta ambition” scenario increases ambition of the “Current policy” scenario to illustrate the effect of implementing more stringent and supplementary policies. For example, this includes a renewable portfolio standard that ensures Alberta produce 50% renewable electricity by 2030, a 100 megatonne cap on oilsand emissions, and an electric vehicle sales mandate of 30% by 2030, among others.

For a more detailed explanation of these scenarios, and answers to other common questions, please visit our FAQ page.


Documentation of the model is available here. Documentation is not specific to any model version and therefore applies to both U.S. and Alberta versions of the Energy Policy Simulator.

Other Information